UV Protection Window Film

UV Protection Window Film on a residential door

Natural light is always sought after in homes, but it brings with ultraviolet rays – the primary cause of skin damage and melanomas, and the biggest contributor towards the fading of interiors and furnishings.

At Solar Sentry, we are passionate about UV protection, and therefore source and install only the best quality, tested and approved UV rejection window films. These films block more than 99% of UV from entering through a window, protecting the occupants from skin damage, and slowing down the fading of interiors.

Did You Know...

UV Rays do not carry heat? If you’re looking for heat gain reduction, have a look here

Normal glass offers some small filtration of harmful UV, but a lot is still allowed to pass through – many residential customers show us ornaments, carpets and floors, or furniture that has faded over time, however people rarely consider the effect that UV is having on their skin if they sit next to a window for extended periods of time – at work for example. To protect you and your families health, UV blocking window film has an SPF of 250+, and is actually recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Our anti-fade window films range in colour and tint, from a completely clear film, to more shaded films which offer additional heat and glare protection. It is important to note that fading is caused by a multitude of factors, Ultraviolet rays being accountable for 40% of the issue. To slow down the rate of fading even further, we recommend choosing a film that offers protection against the next leading causes of fade – heat and solar light.

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UV Blocking Window Film – Protecting your property, and safer for your skin.

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