Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film on a residential front door

One Way Mirror Film

We can help you to increase glass privacy during the day, without the need for blinds or curtains to be closed, is by using a one way mirror film. These reflective films work with the light balance between indoors and outdoors, and during the day will allow clear vision out, however a viewer from the outside will see only their own reflection. This is ideal for many situations, from bay window on a high footfall street, to a kitchen overlooked by neighbours – from schools wanting to protect their pupils from being seen, to offices looking to shield sensitive information or expensive equipment from prying eyes.

It is important to note that ‘true’ one way mirrors do not actually exist – the effectiveness of a one way mirror is dictated by the light levels inside compared to the light levels outside – however a correctly specified window film solution will create this effect during the day, when blinds, nets, or curtains are undesirable alternatives. More can be found on this topic in our blog section.

Did You Know...

Privacy film is an effective way to comply with GDPR data protection regulations and keep prying eyes from seeing through windows.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is one of the most popular types of film that Solar Sentry provides. Our customers love its simple, elegant satin finish, and its amazing versatility. This privacy window film, sometimes called sandblast window film, or acid etch, creates a frosted appearance to glass, restricting the view in or out, but maintaining light levels – ideal for bathroom windows, or hiding unwanted views outside.

As our frosted film can be designed and cut to practically any shape or pattern, it is also perfect to create a unique decorative pattern or motif on the glass, or provide branded partition privacy in an office setting.

Using window film to create added privacy is perhaps one of the services we at Solar Sentry are asked for most often. There are several ways in which we can help our customers achieve this.

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