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When classrooms get too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and the sun glare reflects off screens and whiteboards, comfort levels decrease and learning quality suffers.

With specialist window film coatings applied directly to glass in classrooms, the excessive heat gains can be dramatically decreased, leaving a more pleasant, ambient temperature which is easier to control. Our energy saving Low E window films have an extra insulating layer, which slows down heat loss, reducing heating bills, and maintaining a more stable temperature.

With the modern prevalence of electronic white boards and personal screens for students, glare from the sun has become an increasing issue, and it isn’t always possible to install blinds, or desirable to keep existing blinds closed. Many of the solutions from Solar Sentry are tinted specifically to keep the glare to a minimum, retaining a view and natural daylight, but reducing the risk of eye strain and the bother of screen glare.

Damaging UV rays are also blocked from entering, protecting staff and students from the most harmful effects of the sun.

Did You Know...

With an increased need for safe guarding children in schools, many have turned to window film to offer enhanced privacy and protection for students.

Regulation 14 - Clearly Safe

Glass carries with it inherent risks – especially in schools, which is why health and safety legislation requires glazing surveys and risk assessments are carried out regularly by school management (Regulation 14).

As experts in the field of glass safety, Solar Sentry carries out these risk assessments on behalf the schools, providing a detailed report identifying any areas of glass that carries a high risk of causing injury. Find out more about safety window film.


We also carry out privacy window film works in schools to create one-way mirror effects on windows, which work to shield the students – especially the young or vulnerable – from the view of passers-by, or trespassers who shouldn’t be on school property. The shielding of views into education buildings has unfortunately become increasingly necessary as part of emergency lockdown procedures for pupil and staff protection.

Privacy film on an external school window

Solar Sentry believes that a safe and comfortable space creates a better learning environment for students of any age.

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