Healthcare Window Film

Frosted Privacy film applied to a dentists

Solar & Glare Control Window Film

Overheating, glare, and ultraviolet rays from the sun are all problems that can be overcome using window film. Patient rooms, wards, and communal areas can all suffer from hot spots and uncomfortable glare during the summer months – as can staff areas and offices.

Solar Sentry’s wide range of specialist window films are designed to reduce solar heat gain and glare without blocking the view through the glass. By reducing overheating, air conditioning requirements can also be reduced. Airborne viruses and contaminations can travel via air conditioning, increasing the rate of infection. A reduction in air conditioning usage would not only mean a reduction in energy and carbon costs, but also a reduction in the risk of spreading diseases.

Window film can help patients in other ways. By reducing 99% of harmful UV radiation, patients are protected against these harmful, skin cancer causing rays.

Did You Know...

We now do anti-microbial and anti-viral window film, to help reduce the spread of infection.


Glass poses a risk of causing injury when broken; this is particularly dangerous in a hospital or nursing home setting where the patients are potentially more vulnerable. Solar Sentry’s safety window film will keep glass shards in place if the glass is broken for any reason, protecting patients and staff from injury.


Frosted window films can provide privacy to patients and residents without the need for curtains or blinds, whilst maintaining high levels of natural light. They are also far easier to clean than blinds or curtains, making window film a clear choice from an infection control point of view.

Anti-microbial film applied to door push panels

In a hospital or nursing home environment, window film can offer an increase in patient comfort and well-being.

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