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Solar Control Window Film

People need to be able to see in and out to view the merchandise and be enticed in, however too much heat and glare from the sun can cause customers to be uncomfortable once they are inside.
In the past people used awnings or blinds to combat this, and the only window film options were dark and reflective, obscuring the view in and out.

Solar Sentry are window film experts and can provide the latest in window film technology – a range of clear window films to reduce excessive heat and glare from entering a building without reducing visibility through the glass!

Reducing the solar energy that enters the building not only increase your customers comfort, but also your staff performance and morale by providing a comfortable working environment.

Did You Know...

We also offer an in-house design service, to help promote your brand and get the perfect look.

UV Protection Window Film

Solar reflective window film also blocks out 99% of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays. UV is the lead cause of products fading and skin damage. All our films have an SPF of over 250 and will reduce the fading rate of items on display in a shop window, and protect your staff and customers from the most harmful portion of the sun’s rays.

By reducing the amount of heat that enters the room with solar control window film, air conditioning requirement is lowered. This provides a very real saving on cooling costs, and will also reduce your carbon footprint!

Security, Safety & Branding

Many shops are more vulnerable to break-ins due to the large amount of glass in their frontages. Solar Sentry are experts in safety and security window films – designed to retain glass shards and hold them firmly in case of a break-in in order to deter a would-be intruder for up to 5 minutes. Find out more here.

Solar Sentry can also create and cut any design from our coloured or frosted window films, providing decoration and signage for any size window.

Branding applied in frost or on vinyl film

Shops and restaurants face a unique challenge when it comes to their glass.

Everyone one at Solar Sentry is passionate about window film.

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