Security Window Film

Security window film applied to a ground floor window

The ability to safely retain glass shards when broken is vitally important and effective when protecting people from broken glass, but it is also effective as a security window film.

In instances of burglaries, glass is often the weakest link in home or office security, and therefore the obvious target for a potential intruder as an access point. Standard glass is easily smashed, allowing anyone to climb through or reach in and open a door from the inside.

Solar Sentry security window films are designed to firmly hold the glass in place, denying the would-be burglar entry for up to 6 minutes – this is more than enough time to deter the culprit

Did You Know...

It can take an intruder up to 9 times longer to gain access to your home if security window film is professionally installed.

Solar Sentry also offers a wide range of frosted films or one way mirror window films to conceal your valuables from prying eyes. Privacy film is the perfect option for empty offices, lone workers, people who live alone, or anyone who does not want to leave their valuable possessions on show to would-be thieves.

We also offer a range of combination films, bringing together the added strength of a safety film window and the visual concealment of a privacy window film to give you the utmost in security window film for your home or office.

Help deter would-be thieves from breaking in, with Solar Sentry’s anti-intruder range of window films to protect your home or office.

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