Find out how Solar Sentry window film can benefit you and your family around the home...

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UV protection

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the leading cause of skin cancers, and is the primary cause of interiors fading. All of the films Solar Sentry provides block 99%+ of UV as standard...

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Energy Saving

Energy saving window film is proven to reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer, and slow the rate of heat loss through glass in the winter. Great for the bottom line and great for the environment too!..

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Safety & Security

Upgrade the safety ratings of your glass and improve the security of your home or business using safety and security window film...

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Window film has many great benefits for all kinds of commercial properties, from offices to shops and restaurants, hotels to car dealerships! Window film works great in public sector buildings like hospitals and schools too. Click on your sector to find out how window film will benefit you.


Solar Sentry believes that a safe and comfortable space creates a better learning environment for students of any age.

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From small home offices to large skyscrapers, a majority of workplaces will face issues from the sun, the windows…

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Shops & Restaurants

Shops and restaurants face a unique challenge when it comes to their glass. People need to be able to see in…

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Keeping guests comfortable is the primary priority at any hotel. A large part of that comfort is temperature…

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Car Dealerships

Car dealerships create a light and airy atmosphere for their customers with large glass box designs….

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Hospitals & Nursing Homes

In a hospital or nursing home environment, window film can offer an increase in patient comfort and well-being…

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At Solar Sentry Window Films, wellbeing is it the heart of everything we do. Whether that means helping you protect your family from harmful UV, reduce the heating bills at the office, or to stop a classroom from overheating, we firmly believe that Solar Sentry provides superior window film solutions which genuinely enhance people’s lives.

  • "Tom and the team at Solar Sentry really took the time to listen to our issues and offered us cost-effective solutions which have not only improved the comfort levels in the office, but have also reduced our energy bills all year round."Wayne Ballinger, SEC Solutions Ltd. - Worcester

    Wayne Ballinger, SEC Solutions Ltd. - Worcester

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