Heat Loss Reduction Window Film

Heat loss film applied to a conservatory window

Heat loss reduction Low E Window film can be used in addition to reducing problematic solar heat gain in summer. Energy saving window films can also slow down the rate that heat escapes through glass by reducing the U-Value. This heat loss reducing window film is sometimes referred to as Low-E window film.

‘U-value’ measures the rate which heat escapes through a material (walls, roof, glass etc.) and Solar Sentry’s glass insulating window film will reduce this rate by up to 60%!

Slowing down heat loss through glass means that heating systems will have to be engaged less frequently to maintain a desired temperature, saving money and reducing carbon consumption.

From a comfort point of view, studies show we feel more comfortable when the ambient temperature in a room is more stable, compared to a constant cycle of heating, heat loss, and more heating – it is often the temperature decrease we feel to be more uncomfortable than the actual lower temperature. By reducing heat loss, Low-E window film reduces the heating/heat loss cycle and increases the comfort levels of any space.

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof – Carl Sagan”

Did You Know...

Dual climate window films can stop overheating in the summer and also capture heat in the winter and direct it back into your home.

The window films provided by Solar Sentry all carry an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to show they have been tested and monitored to determine the carbon cost, and carbon savings associated with them. These studies show that window films reduce more than 100 time more carbon than it takes to manufacture and supply, making it one of the few solutions to be proven as ‘Carbon Negative’

In addition to this, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory states that window film is the most cost-effective way to upgrade a building’s windows for energy efficiency.

Solar Sentry are very experienced in using window film to reduce energy costs and carbon footprints, and can provide a full and comprehensive ‘Window Energy Report’ to businesses who are looking to save money and reduce their impact on the environment.

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Heat Loss reduction window film – A low-e window film solution to slow heat escape through your windows.

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