Glare Control Window Film

Glare control window film on a front door

Natural daylight enhances any working or living space, however too much glare from the sun can have its downsides. Excess glare can make a room uncomfortably bright at any point in the year, and harsh glare can reflect strongly off TV and computer screens, making it difficult or impossible to see, or causing eye-strain and headaches. Whilst blinds and curtains will reduce this effect, it’s not always desirable or possible to have these closed during the day. Solar Sentry’s range of glare control window films are a simple and cost effective solution to the issue of excess daylighting in a room.

With a wide range of shades and styles available, our anti-glare window films can block up to 95% of the harshest glare, including low winter sun, which can be the most problematic. Unlike blinds or curtains, these specialist window films allow vision out so you won’t lose your view and feel cooped up. Our glare reduction films act like sunglasses for your windows!

Did You Know...

Excessive glare can lead to health issues such as eye strain and migraines.

In the workplace, displace screen equipment regulations now ensure employers create a safe and comfortable workplace for their employees – glare on screens in the workplace is often an issue that requires attention, as it causes potential headaches and fatigue due to eye-strain, leading to a reduction in productivity or even staff absence.

Similarly at home, the sun can reflect on TV screens, or simply be an unwanted blinding irritation through windows or conservatories.

Reducing the glare using window film can solve these problems simply and efficiently, creating what one of our happy customers perfectly summed us as a ‘calmer light’ (Thank you, Mrs. Gordon!). Our glare control films take out the harshest elements of solar glare, retaining a more manageable and comfortable natural light, and maintaining your view.

In addition, our window films provide a wide array of additional benefits, including heat rejection, privacy, UV control, winter heat loss reduction, safety, and security.

Control harsh glare and create comfortable spaces, without sacrificing daylight or views, with Solar Sentry’s anti-glare window films.

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