Commercial and Office Window Film

Solar Control film applied to an office

Solar Control Window Film

Excess heat and glare from the sun can cause staff discomfort and cost of business money in lost productivity and excessive cooling costs. With the prevalence of glass in modern commercial settings, screen glare and eye strain from excessive light intrusion has become an issue for those working in the building, and well as those tasked with their welfare. Solar Sentry specializes in the removal of excess solar heat and glare using solar control window film to help regulate the heat and light levels to an acceptable level.

Our window films come in a huge range of shades and performance levels to suit any need and budget. Our professionally trained team of installers covers the whole of the UK (and beyond), and can quickly and efficiently apply window film coatings to give you instant benefits.

Solar Sentry Window Films are the next generation of window film experts, utilising the latest Building Information Modelling software to calculate reductions in cost and carbon that can be achieved via the correct specification and application of solar control window film, with HVAC savings of up to 30% and a typical 3 year ROI.

Did You Know...

Solar Sentry have so far saved 109,320 of Co2 emissions by applying solar film to offices

Commercial Security Window Film

Glass windows and doors are often a weak point in office security, leaving merchandise and high value equipment vulnerable to theft – even if you have an alarm. Solar Sentry are experts in security window film in the UK, providing a strong layer of protection against intrusion, and upgrading the safety ratings of glass, making it much harder for a would-be thief to gain entry.

With offices and commercial premises in larger cities, it is a sad truth that risks associated with terror attacks are highly increased. Up to 90% of serious injury from explosions can come from flying broken glass – and glass can shatter a huge distance (sometimes over a kilometre away) from an explosion, which is why our blast mitigation window films (sometimes called anti-fragmentation films or anti-shatter films) are designed and rigorously tested to firmly hold glass fragments in place in the event of an explosion.

Branding, Decoration & Privacy

A strong brand identity is crucial to almost every business, and proudly displaying that brand throughout your premises, be it head office or shop front, helps to establish and reinforce that identity. The team at Solar Sentry Window Films incorporates designers and window graphics experts to offer full colour printed vinyl, precision cut decals, vinyl wallpaper and a range of decorative window films, as well as a bespoke design service.

Our frosted films add privacy and style to meeting rooms, offices, cubicles, and partitions, and can usually incorporate branding or design too!

Privacy and branded window film applied to an office

From small home offices to large skyscrapers, a majority of workplaces will face issues from the sun, the windows, or a combination of both at some point. Solar Sentry Window Films offers a bespoke array of solutions.

Everyone one at Solar Sentry is passionate about window film.

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