Safety Window Films

Protection is at the core of everything we do here at Solar Sentry. Our range of safety window films are designed to hold glass in place if it gets broken for any reason, ranging from a wayward football through to extreme weather, and even explosions!

Incorporating layers of thick, high tensile strength films, superior bonding adhesive and a scratch resistant hard coat, safety window films protect building occupants from the dangers that come from broken glass shards.

Our safety window films are quickly and efficiently installed to your existing glass by our expert team of installers who operate nationwide. The safety films come in a range of shades, from optically clear through to tinted films which offer some additional extra features such as heat and glare control, and one-way mirror privacy.

Most glass can be upgraded to meet BS6206 and EN12600 standards (2B2 and 1B1) using our wide variety of thicknesses of safety films.

Broken glass

Once professionally installed, the safety window films are designed to look as if they are an intrinsic part of the glass. The clear films have virtually no impact on the visual appearance of the glass at all.

As with all Solar Sentry films, our safety window film range will all block 99% of harmful UV, and all come with a strong 12 year warranty. Safety window film is perfect for the home, office or public building such as schools or hospitals – wherever you are looking to protect people from the dangers of broken glass.

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