Regulation 14 and Window Film

In public buildings, it is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure its occupants are protected from dangers as much as possible, under The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1993.

Building health and safety regulations in the UK state that:

‘Windows, transparent or translucent surfaces in walls, partitions, doors and gates should, where necessary for reasons of health and safety, be made of safety material or be protected against breakage. If there is a danger of people coming into contact with it, it should be marked or incorporate features to make it apparent.”

Solar Sentry can carry out our own ‘regulation 14 assessments’ to identify high risk areas of glass, and provide a report suggesting solutions on how to mitigate these risks, including using safety window film and manifestation dots to reach the required glass safety standards.

Manifestation dots

At Solar Sentry we pride ourselves on our approach to Regulation 14 – we help businesses, schools, hospitals and local councils to identify areas which may pose a risk to the public or building occupants. We then work closely with them to identify the day-to-day interactions with the glass to form a full understanding of the risks involved, in order to better minimise and mitigate these dangers using safety window film.

Our expert Regulation 14 team receives regular training, and even has an advisor on hand who specialises in property law so as to fully inform our clients on the regulations.

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