Window Film for Offices

From small home offices to large skyscrapers, a majority of workplaces will face issues from the sun, the windows, or a combination of both at some point.

Excess heat and glare from the sun can cause staff discomfort and cost of business money in lost productivity and excessive cooling costs. Solar Sentry specializes in the removal of excess solar heat and glare using solar control window film to help regulate the heat and light levels to an acceptable level.

Our window films come in a huge range of tints and performance levels to suit any need and budget.

Glass windows and doors are often a weak point in office security, leaving merchandise and computers vulnerable to theft – even if you have an alarm. Solar Sentry are experts in security window film in the UK, providing a strong layer of protection against intrusion, and upgrading the safety ratings of glass, making it much harder for a would-be thief to gain entry.

Our range of colored and frosted films can be designed and cut into any pattern, giving decoration and privacy on internal walls and glass partitions.

Do you need to improve efficiency and security?

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