Window Films for Hotels

Keeping guests comfortable is the primary priority at any hotel. A large part of that comfort is temperature. Often, hotel rooms can either be too hot or too cold, and one of the first things people do is adjust the temperature in a room. Heating and air conditioning are all extra costs, which reduce the hotel’s profit margin.

Solar Sentry window films help reduce the amount of heat which enters or leaves a hotel room via the windows, not only giving extra comfort for guests, but also saving money for the hotel, and reducing carbon consumption. Find out more about energy saving window films for hotels here.

Hotels are also subject to strict health and safety legislation when it comes to glass. As experts in glass safety, Solar Sentry conduct ‘Regulation 14’ assessments, and in high-risk areas can apply safety window film to hold glass shards in place if they break for any reason, in order to avoid injury. Find out more about Solar Sentry’s safety and security window films here.

Solar Sentry can also provide frosted window film for privacy, or decorative films as well as vinyl signage to any design. Contact us to find out more.

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