Window Films for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships create a light and airy atmosphere for their customers with large glass box designs. Unfortunately this brings with it issues of overheating and excessive glare from the sun. This can cause customers to be uncomfortable, not enjoy their time there, and possibly even want to leave before making a purchase. Sun glare can also distract salespeople and reflect off computer screens.

Removing excess heat from a car dealership can be costly, both financially and environmentally, as air-conditioning needs to be running for a majority of the year. Traditionally it has been difficult to combat these problems any other way. Maintaining high light levels and retaining visibility into the car dealership are key concerns, therefore blinds and awnings are not practical. They can ruin the ascetic of the building and block customers view into the showroom.

Solar Sentry are experts in window film, and use the latest window film technology to reduce overheating in car dealerships without impacting on the view or the light levels. We can also calculate the cooling cost reduction that comes as a result of applying window film, giving an impressive return on investment and carbon reduction figure. Find out more about energy saving here.

Large, clear panes of glass can pose a danger to the general public; without proper markings people might walk into the glass, not realizing it is there Health and safety legislation requires that these panes should be marked with specific manifestation dots to avoid this risk. Solar Sentry can supply and install these dots, and advise car dealerships how to stay compliant with current health and safety regulations. Find out more about Safety window films here. We also supply designed and cut graphics for signage, advertising and to create privacy screens out of glass.

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