Window Film on roof glazing

Firstly I’d like to say welcome to our website and blog, thanks for taking the time to have a read. Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here.

As this is our first blog post, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to introduce you to our business, and how we do things here are Solar Sentry Window Films.

We are a window film company unlike any other in the UK, we have infrastructure to easily manage the largest of jobs, whilst retaining the individual core values which have helped us build our strong reputation for outstanding service. I established Solar Sentry in 2013 after having worked for one of the largest manufacturers of window film in the world. This job meant that I worked closely with a majority of the UK’s window filming firms, providing technical support and advice. This knowledge and experience has helped launch and quickly grow Solar Sentry into a thriving family business, installing window film to clients, large and small, nationwide.

So what is window film?

Window film is a thin sheet of polycarbonate, enhanced with various advanced coatings to give it special properties. It has an adhesive backing and acts like a second skin on your glass. Some films block solar heat from entering a building, whilst others can also slow down the rate of heat loss. Films are available to tint windows to block out glare, others create a one-way mirror, or a frosted effect for privacy. Thicker versions of the films will keep glass shards firmly in place in case of breakage, protecting from accidents, as well as potential intruders. All of the films we supply will block 99% of the harmful UV rays, protecting people from skin damage, and their belongings from fading.

This blog is designed to be a place we can tell you more about all of the great benefits of the various films, and show you case studies of some of the recent jobs we’re proud of. If you have any queries at all about window film, or what we do at Solar Sentry, please get in touch!

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Thanks for reading!

Tom Ludwig

Managing Director

Solar Sentry Window Films