Warm cup of coffee infront of a window

Christmas seems to be an increasingly distant memory now that we are fully in the sway of the new year – most of us are back into our work routines by now and winter festivities seem like a long way off in the future. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the back of the winter. Having had quite a mild but wet December in many parts of the UK, it seems we are in for a chilly time over the coming months.

So while we are all turning up the thermostat to keep warm, many people are concerned with the mounting cost of so much energy usage. Whilst it’s always advisable to look at the best energy provider – and many companies out there can help find the best deal for you – there are many things you can do to cut down on the amount of energy you consume in the first place.

One of the most overlooked areas which could be improved are the windows. The Energy Saving Trust says that windows can be accountable for 20% of lost heat. Before you stop reading here, I’m not a double-glazing salesman honestly! Often it is either too expensive or just not feasible to totally swap out your current windows for the latest and greatest, so what can you do instead?

You could have Low-E window film installed.

Low-E windows have been around for a while and are very popular. Basically ‘Low-E’ is a bit of a jargon term for a coating or surface which reduces the rate of heat transfer – it slows down the heat escaping. The rate of heat escaping is referred to by the glass industry as U-Value.

Today, Low-E technology is available in a retrofit solution; a window film which acts as a second skin on your glass, slowing the rate of heat loss, and can reduce the U-Value of your glass by over 40%, meaning your thermostat has to kick in far less often and reducing the amount of energy consumed.

It’s not just a financial benefit that can be gained from Low-E films. Aside from being accredited as Carbon Negative – reducing more carbon that is consumed making the film – they will improve the comfort of the home. Because heat travels from hot to cold, sitting near a window where heat is escaping will make you feel colder because heat is being taken from around you – it’s that horrible ‘cold radiator’ feeling that many of our customers want to minimise. With Low-E film, when heat is no longer escaping at such a rapid rate, that feeling is also reduced, making it more comfortable to sit nearer to a window in the winter.

There are even tinted options available which will help deal with the blinding glare from the low winter sun, and as always, all films supplied by Solar Sentry are proven to block out more then 99% of harmful UV radiation, protecting your family and your home.

Wellbeing and comfort are central to everything we do here at Solar Sentry, whether that’s saving you money on your heating bills or making your rooms feel nicer to be in, we are passionate about making a truly positive difference.

Get in touch today to find out more about how Solar Sentry can help you beat the chill, and beat the bills this winter.